ESG with a Scottish twang


At Consortis, we believe that sustainability is more than a critical aspect of responsible business practice and a key driver of innovation and long-term success. Hence why we were thrilled to participate in the Sustainable Business Consultancy Project by the University of Edinburgh Business School, providing us with a unique opportunity to put our sustainability expertise into practice, improve our ESG performance and make a real impact to society.

Our highly skilled and motivated consultants had the privilege of working with real organizations across a variety of sectors to tackle some of the most pressing sustainability challenges of our time. From reducing carbon emissions and our footprint by improving waste management, enhancing employee wellbeing, and promoting sustainable supply chain practices, we leveraged our expertise and passion to drive meaningful change and deliver tangible results.

Our approach was holistic and data-driven, encompassing extensive research, data collection and analysis, stakeholder engagement, and strategic planning. Our main focus was our clients, listening carefully to their needs and concerns, and taking a collaborative approach to identify the most effective solutions.

Throughout the project, we were inspired by the creativity and commitment of our clients, who demonstrated a deep commitment to sustainability and willingness to embrace new ideas and approaches. We are also very proud our work with the University of Edinburgh's world-class faculty and staff, who provided us with invaluable insights and resources to help us achieve our goals.

Thanks to our participation in the Sustainable Business Consultancy Project, we gained a wealth of consulting experience and learned valuable lessons about effective project management, stakeholder engagement, and sustainability strategy development. We also had the opportunity to build valuable relationships and connections with potential clients and socially conscious partners, which we believe will serve us well in the future.

Overall, we believe in the legacy of our participation with the Sustainable Business Consultancy Project, and we are excited to continue building on this momentum to promote sustainable business practices and help our clients thrive in a rapidly changing world.