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Project Completion: “Collection and Transport of Sewage in the urban community of Adendro - Municipality of Chalkidona”


Consortis provided consultancy services throughout the construction period, ensuring that every stage of the project exceeded expectations for quality and efficiency.

The project included the construction and commission of:

  • A vacuum sewer network for collecting the sewage of the Adendro settlement at the designated location of the central pumping station 
  • The central  pumping station includes both  the vacuum and pressure pumps for the feed of the sewage to the sewage treatment plant
  • Twin pressure pipeline between pumping station and the sewage treatment  plant

 This advanced vacuum sewer system is making use of SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) technology, which allows automatic control and telemetry of the network.

The Municipality of Chalkidona is now able to monitor and manage the sewer network with precision, efficiency, and high levels of safety.

The implementation of the vacuum sewerage network is a major step towards sustainability and technological innovation in the field of water management.

This project demonstrates Consortis' commitment to promoting sustainability and  resource conservation,  responding to the needs of modern societies.