Antonis Xatzigiannis Consortis

Dr. Antonios Chatzigiannis

Head of Hydraulic Dpt.

I am a rural and surveying engineer specialised in sanitary engineering, a field in which I have obtained my doctorate from the School of Rural and Surveying Engineering of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

My professional specialisation focuses on a wide range of infrastructure projects in the area of environmental and hydraulic engineering with over 20 years of experience in planning, design, construction and management of public and private projects.

My involvement, not only with studies but with construction as well, has shaped my way of working, helping me achieve optimal economical and technical results.

I have been working with Consortis for 15 years and have been a partner since 2013. As senior manager for the Department of Hydraulic Studies I have taken on all technical and consulting services in the field of environmental and hydraulic infrastructure in the public and private sector.

I believe in team effort and good communication among colleagues, a combination that leads to effective problem solving and in high accuracy and quality results.

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