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Stavros Oikonomidis Consortis

Stavros Oikonomidis

Financial Manager

I was born in Chrysoupoli, a rural town close to the city of Kavala, Greece. In 1997 I moved to Thessaloniki to study Infrastructure Civil Engineering at the Alexandrio Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki (ATEITh).

In 2003 I began my professional career in the field of primary topographic data collection where I developed quickly from assistant to data collection team leader.

Due to the nature of my profession I acquired/gained a detailed knowledge of geography and geomorphology for a large part of our country.

In 2006, I decided to broaden my horizons and joined Consortis, where I have been working ever since. Once more, I was involved in the field of primary topographic data collection, then worked for the company's development department, through my continuous and direct contact with the company's collaborating partners, which resulted in my undertaking Consortis' contracting department along with the departments of certification and financial management. The experience I gained through the years in these areas led to my becoming Consortis' current CFO.

I am consistent, hard-working, methodical, committed to my position's requirements and my department operates effectively and successfully, even in times of extreme stress and pressure.

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