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Joint reference strategies for rural activities of reduced inputs Basin

The AGROLESS project partnership was formed by 9 partners, namely the Region of Central Macedonia, the Decentralized Administration of Macedonia – Thrace, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the InterBalkan Environmental Center, the Region of Eastern Macedonia – Thrace, the Region of Haskovo, the Lyubimets municipality, the Region of Kardzhali and the University of Plovdiv.

The main objective of the AGROLESS project was the development of protocols concerning low input agricultural practices in three fields: Irrigation, Fertilization and Crop protection. The project aimed to increase crop yield, to improve product quality, to utilize inputs (fertilizers, pesticides, irrigation water) more efficiently by the spatiotemporal differentiated application of these compounds and aimed at the protection of natural resources through the reduction of the ecological footprint.

Consortis was involved in the Pilot implementation operations in Greece, the Pilot implementation of tools and assessment of product quality, the training of consultants and education of rural population as well as the Feasibility study for future implementation of reduced input practices in the areas.


INTERREG IV Greece - Bulgaria European Territorial Cooperation Programme 2007-2013