After experiencing a difficult year, what we all probably desire, is to leave behind everything that has happened so far and move forward with more vigor.

However, as in any difficult experience, it is worth doing an honest feedback. Recognize the challenges and work with them. Identify our strengths and reinforce them.

We entered 2021, with an optimistic mood and we see things improving at a steady pace. Consortis continues dynamically, with confidence, with new projects, new collaborations and new ideas and our people are committed to effectively manage every challenge we encounter.


Georgios Tsakoumis, CEO




2020 was a year where we were called to test our limits, both professionally and personally.

To work individually and in isolation, while trying to maintain the effectiveness of "teamwork" and to communicate as best as we can, both with you as well as our colleagues.






We are grateful as a company, for the past year.

Despite the difficulties and the unexpected developments, Consortis took remarkable steps forward, which contributed, both to the development of the company as a whole, but also towards the development of the specialized partners that constitute the backbone of Consortis.

Distinctions, collaborations, new projects and even higher goals, are a few of the elements worth noting for the past year.

You can read our official 2020 annual report, here.