The past year has been marked by a series of successive conjunctures of increased hope for overcoming the pandemic, while lately, after the waves of health crisis and restrictions, we are experiencing a strong energy crisis.

Nevertheless, the growth indicators show a positive course and form forward-looking conditions for those economic agents who have shown flexibility while trying to adapt to the volatile data of the time.

George Tsakoumis, CEO


Consortis has shown flexibility and despite the significant impact we have all experienced on a personal and professional level, we have managed as a company to adapt and meet new needs, preserving and enhancing our growth potential.

We undertook the elaboration of new projects, new contracts and new challenges, which we completed, thanks to our teamwork, while always having as our primary goal our customers satisfaction as they are the recipients of the services and skills we have in our "quiver".


annual report

We started in 2022, with solid foundations incorporating in our operation’s new digital tools and new partners. Our goal is to continue supporting with the same fervor our customers goals and becoming good conductors of a "new regularity"

Here you can find the complete official annual report of our company for 2021.