Quality & Information Security System

The Management of "CONSORTIS" is committed to the implementation and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Information Security Management System, as well as to the allocation of all financial, technical and human resources required for its operation through the Management Review Meeting annually.

Aiming to instill confidence in integrity, and information security for all involved in Information Security Management System, the Management sets the following regular goals for information security:

  • Continuous provision of high quality services while ensuring the integrity and security of information and creating trust.
  • Continuous improvement of the Information Security Management System by creating and regularly reviewing measurable security objectives of its related functions.
  • Protection of assets and information from internal and external threats and risks.
  • Secure confidentiality and safeguard against unauthorized access.
  • Implementation of Policies and Procedures that specify the Policy and ensure the integrity of information from internal and external risks:
    • POL.01 Information Security Policy
    • POL.02 Acceptable Use Policy
    • POL.03 Access Control Policy
    • POL.04 Mobile Devices and Storage Policy
    • POL.05 Remote Access Policy
    • POL.06 Third Party Audit Policy
    • POL.07 Information Security Organization Policy
  • Inspiration of confidence in everyone involved Information Security Management System, compliance with validated international standards, laws and regulations, as well as contractual requirements for information system security.
  • Review the Security Policies of the Information Security Management System annually in conducting the annual Management Review and take all necessary steps to communicate this Policy as well as the specific Security Policies to each party involved.


Chief Executive Officer
Georgios Μ. Tsakoumis