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Integrated monitoring system for desertification risk assessment

The MOONRISES project partnership was formed by 6 partners, namely the Region of Peloponnese, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, the North Aegean Region, the Region of Central Macedonia, the Region of South Aegean, and the University of Basilicata.

The project MOONRISES aimed at the creation of an integrated system for monitoring and assessment of desertification risks, with the use of fieldwork, models, and sensitivity indicators and with the use of modern technologies as Geographic Information Systems, satellite remote sensing and Global Positioning System (GPS). The main objective of the project was the recording, monitoring and prediction of desertification risks in Regions of Pelopennese, North and South Aegean, Central Macedonia and Basilicata, regions that suffer the consequences of desertification and devalorisation of natural resources. The objective of the project was to classify the survey areas on the basis of existing and potential desertification threats and to develop tools & models that could aid the monitoring, assessment and prediction of such threats, through the following activities: recording and classification of desertification risks, study of biophysical indicators, development of thematic spatial data bases, use of modern technologies such as GIS, satellite remote sensing, GPS, and decision support systems in order to monitor and predict desertification risks, management, financial monitoring and administration as well as publicity and knowledge dissemination actions.

Consortis was involved in the development of a Geographical Information System to automate the decision making process in assessing desertification risks and the digital processing of information as well as the development of a geodata base for the wider area of the Prefecture of Argolida.


Prefecture of Argolida