Mapping of the building complex – owned by: “KTYP S.A.” in Agio Mina Thessaloniki

16 October 2020

Consortis’s Urban Planning and Archtectural Design team has been carrying out a project related to the 3D architerctural mapping of the building complex of the company “KTYP S.A.”, in the center of Thessaloniki around the Church of Agios Minas.

The study is about two specific buildings of the group, namely Building ii that faces I. Dragoumi street as well as Vas. Herakliou and Ag. Mina street and Building iii that is in Vas. Herakliou Street and faces partially El Venizelou street.

These buildings, made for commercial use, are typical examples of the architecture used during the 1930s, made by reinforced concrete, characterized by simplified orthonormal morphology, large rectangular openings on the ground floor and in some cases simple decorative elements on Vas. Herakliou street. Due to their importance, they are part of the listed and preserved buildings of the Ministry of Culture.

The methodology used for the analysis and documentation of the buildings included the historical study of the surrounding area as well as the buildings, the examination of their relationship with the surrounding area, their design and photographic imprint, the analysis of their typological and morphological characteristics, their structural analysis as well as recording of their pathology.

A Topcon GLS-2000L 3D Laser Scanner was used to capture the facades and some store ground areas. Ιn addition, a total station and traditional architectural mapping methods were deployed to map all store levels internally as well as externally.