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Definitive technology and flexibility


Georgios Tsakoumis

The company, now called Consortis, was founded in 2005 and has so far achieved a successful track record in public sector studies and services and private projects.

My vision is for Consortis to provide services that substantially improve people’s everyday lives as they relate to the environment and shape the surface of the planet, and doing all this by combining engineering sciences with the latest technology.

Sustainability, the protection of natural resources and climate, viable cities, smart applications and systems: These all have to do with being Green and Smart. They are the key words for the future. The most basic tool is their design and implementation at all levels.

The Consortis team consists of a group of outstanding and highly qualified specialists. In combination with their focus and dedication the result is high quality services.

At Consortis, we keep abreast of technological developments and work together towards inspirational and realistic solutions, delivered on time at the agreed costs. With consistency and responsibility, we are constantly improving our environmental performance. We design and implement solutions that save resources and energy!

With the experience we gained from implementing more than 500 projects in 30 prefectures of Greece and more than 20 European programs, we are constantly improving. We are expanding our business and enriching our services with the new needs-based services that modern society requires.