Consortisundertook the conservation and energy upgrade study, of the Physical History Museum, in Axioupoli. The under-study building is a building of the decade of 1930, that has been constructed in order to place the Elementary School of Axioupolis and constitutes an excellent sample of school buildings of that decade.

The main purpose of the study was the assessment of the energy performance of the building, the selection of appropriate interventions and their study aiming at the energy upgrade of the building, in accordance with the applicable regulations. The study will consider the principles of bioclimatic design, the issues of thermal and optical comfort, passive cooling and heating systems, shell protection issues, issues of natural ventilation and lighting, the behavior and properties of materials, as well as the management of specific characteristics of the building.

The energy upgrade of the building will contribute to the overall upgrade of the building, to energy saving, to the reduction of the environmental footprint and to the improvement of the building's
conditions of indoor climate of the building. The basic principles that this suggestion follows are the following:

  • Environmental, functional, energy and aesthetic upgrade of a building that is a landmark for the settlement and for the Municipality
  • Improvement of the indoor – climate conditions and the quality of the indoor environmental conditions
  • Identity retention
  • Respect on the history of the building and its morphological characteristics
  • Enhancement of the integration of the building in the social life and traffic of the museum
  • Highlighting of the effectiveness of energy upgrade interventions