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Development of a recording and management geoinformation system for road networks - MOBIROAD

Mobiroad is an application that is used for the development of a recording and management geoinformation system for the road network failures on behalf of the Kilkis Regional Unit.

The scope of the project was the development of a system for recording its problems and damages of the road network via mobile phone or tablet, storing them in a database and then viewing them through a management software.

Benefits of the Project:

  • Automation, standardization and electronic management of the controls carried out by the executives of the P.E. of Kilkis and the fault restoration works by the contractor.
  • More effective operation of the services of the P.E. of Kilkis.
  • Simplification of bureaucratic mechanisms
  • Improving the planning of controls
  • Possibility of interconnection with regional computerization systems

EVRYMAP Mapping portal

The EVRYMAP is a simple and easy to administer map portal that enables you to view, publish and share all your geospatial data.

EVRYMAP is based on open standards and is compatible with law 3882/2010 for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) and the European INSPIRE directive. It contains a number of functions such as:


  • Quick and advanced search tools for finding any spatial feature on the map by its attributes or its geographic location.
  • Immediate access to urban planning data such as current building conditions, land use data, as well as all supporting documentation (titles, planning permits, etc.).
  • Accessing spatial data from external sources based on OGC standards (WMS/WMTS/WFS).
  • Viewing and downloading geospatial data.
  • Map printing.
  • Exporting selected data sets in a number of file formats as specified by the administrator.

Real Estate Management - LANDIFY

LANDIFY has been developed as a robust toolkit for any agency, organisation or company that manages real estate. It allows users to easily review, catalogue, and manage real estate data (land parcels and buildings). Built around open source components and acting as a ‘mini-cadastre’, LANDIFY is already operational in a number of municipalities, assisting government employees in their work, improving services to local communities and facilitating better cooperation with other agencies and bodies, saving significant man-hours and therefore tax-payers money.


MAPtheYA Water and Sewer Network Management Application

MAPtheYA is an information system for the management and supervision of water supply and sewerage networks in an integrated GIS environment. It allows data to be recorded related to water consumers. Furthermore, in case of a network failure, technical services can instantly and effectively view not only the geographical location of the failure but also all the technical characteristics of the defective pipe or associated equipment before they even intervene. This significantly improves response times and reduces network management costs.

In addition to the basic mapping functions (navigation, searching, data processing, map printing, etc.), MAPtheYA offers specialised functionality to users such as:


  • Administer defined roles and rights for users.
  • Managing networks as geometric networks to enable the use of emergency response tools (failures, leaks, etc.) as well as system topological checks.