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Land development services

Technology. Experience. Flexibility

Land Development

Land evaluation is the key tool to ensure investment plans develop dynamically. On the social level, it is a key criterion of life quality. This is why Consortis approaches space planning holistically. After focusing on the technical and economic parameters of each area separately, we create innovative, effective and coherent plans to create communities worth living in.

Yes, we have extensive and specialised experience in the field, a broad knowledge of policy and institutional regulations and tools, and a full understanding of the factors that affect the costs, timing and management of development projects, but that is not enough. Environmental sensitivity is also essential, because there is no efficiency and growth without respect for the world that we will hand on to the next generation. We keep this in the forefront of our mind, but above all, make sure it is also in the forefront of our activity.

Spatial Planning and Development

We envision spatial interventions that can promote sustainable development improve the quality of life. The firm is specialised in land-use planning, urban planning, municipal, inter-municipal, regional and inter-regional planning and development, combining strategic thinking, technical knowledge and almost 15 years of practical experience. Our services:


  • Spatial and regulatory studies
  • Urban planning and surveying
  • Implementations
  • Studies into regional development of productive activity
  • Strategic development plans for local authorities
  • Masterplan
  • Studies into the spatial impact of Infrastructure projects

Architectural, Urban and Landscape Design

By combining technical experience with creativity and sensitivity to local mentality, we plan so as to achieve solutions that are aesthetically sustainable and respond to social and environmental issues. Our services:


  • Architectural building studies
  • Outdoor landscaping studies
  • Renovation and restoration of existing public spaces
  • Studies into the renovation and reuse of buildings
  • Studies into the preservation of traditional buildings, settlements and landscapes





Real Estate Services

We provide comprehensive real estate valuation and evaluation services to satisfy every client. We are enrolled in the Treasury Register of the Ministry of Finance and our team can carry out the most demanding cases in a timely and reliable way. Our services:


Property Valuation

  • Land and buildings
  • Technical works and installations
  • Electromechanical equipment
  • Means of transportation
  • Furniture and other equipment


  • Real estate market research & analysis
  • Real estate valuation studies
  • Real estate use improvement studies
  • Funding and management of investment plans
  • Technical & Legal checks