Our company undertook the implementation of the project "Provision of expert services for the implementation of actions of Work Packages 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 of the project: "Governance and management of the Posidonia beach dune systems across the Mediterranean "with the acronym" POSBEMED 2", for the Central Region of Macedonia, which is funded by the European Territorial Program Cooperation "Interreg MED 2014-2020".
The meadows of Poseidonia are a valuable natural commodity, which is mistakenly described as algae. It helps preserve biodiversity and minimize coastal erosion as the Seaweed washed in the sand by the sea is a natural coastal protection zone from the formation of sand dunes.

The Work Packages are the following:
WP1: Project Management
WP2: Communication and Diffusion
WP3: Testing
WP4: Transfer of Expertise
WP5: Capitalization

Aim of the project:

  • Enhancing the functionality and resilience of the areas protected from the effects of climate change. Provide optional measures to restore the environment and contribute to the establishment and strengthening of management in coastal and marine protected areas priority areas such as Poseidonia
  • Enhancing knowledge and skills among stakeholders (administrations of both regional and local authorities as well as civil society and the private sector to monitor, evaluate and report on effectiveness and risks of local actions, planning and actual management of Poseidonia meadows and their coastal dunes protected areas
  • Development of a framework for the transfer, dissemination and exploitation of best practices decisions and policies for managing Poseidonia conservation alongside better integration and implementation of practices and policies in protected areas.


Region of Central Macedonia